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What is PHI?

Protected Health Information (PHI) is data identifying a patient including personal information, health condition(s), diagnosis,  and treatment received.  HL7® messages contain such data and HIPAA requires that PHI is protected.

HIPAA Requirements

HIPAA requires 18 data elements (identifiers and quasi-identifiers) to be protected.  Those 18 PHI data elements include patient identifiers, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates and others.

How to De-Identify PHI?

To remove PHI data, the application provides a set of rules to replace patient identity with another identity while keeping the data history. Messages can still be analyzed. Customize rules to cover specific business rules.

Unique Features

Removing PHI data, keeps the patient data history but links it to a fictional patient.  De-identification rules can be adapted to specific needs.  Even Z-segment and free text fields (OBX.5, NTE.3, etc) can be managed.