All-in-One HL7® Survival Guide

Our readers have been asking, and now it’s here: the complete HL7® Survival Guide, now available as a single PDF download.

Download your copy now.

The HL7® Survival Guide helps you get in control of the entire interface lifecycle. Move beyond the basics with a go-to guide full of real-world practice advice on effective interfacing. The HL7® Survival Guide helps you cut non-value-added tasks and focus on the essential.

Inside the HL7® Survival Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Ch.1. How to Integrate and Exchange Healthcare Date
  • Ch. 2. Pros and Cons of Interfacing Capabilities
  • Ch. 3. The Heart of the Matter: Data Formats, Workflows, and Meaning
  • Ch. 4. How to Work with Vendors and Developing Your EHR Strategy
  • Ch. 5. Vendors, Consultants, and the HL7® Interface Specification
  • Ch. 6. Interfacing Artifacts: HL7® Conformance Profiles or Interface Specifications
  • Ch. 7. Interfacing Artifacts: Gap Analysis
  • Ch. 8. Interfacing Artifacts: Test Scenarios and Test Systems
  • Ch. 9. Interfacing Artifacts: Message Samples and Test Messages
  • Ch. 9. Interfacing Artifacts: Message Samples and Test Messages
  • Ch.10. Process and Workflow
  • Ch. 11. Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Monitoring
  • Ch. 12. Definitions
  • Ch. 13. Contributors and Resources

Download the HL7® Survival Guide

Resource Package

In addition, we’re designed a set of free tools that will help you get the job done with the issues discussed in the Survival Guide. These include the HL7® Profile Kit, a Gap Analysis Template, an Interface Asset Template and a Checklist for Collaboration Software for HL7® Integration.

Last but not least, we’re giving away Message Player, a listener and router to play and record HL7® messages to validate connectivity between two healthcare information systems. Download Free Message Player.