HL7 Survival Guide: Share Your Tips!

Been working in the HL7 integration trenches and solving tough problems?

Have a great tip for HL7 analysts and other members of the healthcare integration community?

Now’s your chance to share.

We’re working on putting together a new reference guide called The HL7 Survival Guide, for healthcare integration analysts and developers.

Why an HL7 Survival Guide?

There is great documentation from HL7 International and solid training available for new HL7 analysts and developers. But once you’ve got the basics under your belt, where do you go? How about a go-to guide full of real-world best-practice advice on effective interfacing, no matter which interface engine you’re working with? How about ways to cut non-value-added tasks and focus on the essential? With your help, that’s what we’ll build.

We’re also including templates and suggestions for user-friendly interface specifications, test plans, and validation guidelines. You’ll have actionable content that get vendors and providers working smoother together. And get time-tested guidance based on our customers’ experiences, community feedback, and your input.

We need your input to make this a success.

The HL7 Survival Guide Needs Your Tips and Stories

Answer any of these questions, and you’ll have a great tip:

  • You know that one thing that always keeps you on the right track with HL7? Maybe it’s a pointer you learned about Z-segments. Or maybe it’s something about CPT codes. Tell us.
  • What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new integration analyst?
  • What’s the one thing you’d want your boss or customer to know so a new migration project will run smoother?
  • What’s the one thing you would do to make interfaces more effective at go-live?
  • What are the biggest HL7 gotcha’s and what’s your advice for getting through them?
  • What’s the one misconception about HL7 interfacing you would want to correct?

We’ll Also Say Thank You

We appreciate that you’re sharing your knowledge with other analysts and developers, but we won’t keep our appreciation to ourselves. You’ll be named as a contributor in the Guide.

  • You’ll get an advance preview copy before the launch. You’ll also be the first to know when we launch the Guide.
  • We’ll send you a launch copy of Guide, and we’ll keep you posted on updates.
  • You’ll be sharing your experience with the rest of the HL7 community and supporting an effort to share knowledge.

Share Your HL7 Tips and Stories

If you’d like a chance to share your advice with folks who are in the same HL7 boat, get in touch! Leave a comment below. Or contact me directly at sovita.chander@caristix.com.