HIStalk Innovator Showcase Covers Caristix

Healthcare IT blog HIStalk featured Caristix in a series on innovative companies developing technology products for hospitals, providers, and others in healthcare.

Here’s what one of our users at a major HIT vendor had to say about Caristix technology when he was interviewed for the article:

What problems have you solved using Caristix products and what impact has that had on your organization?

We are seeking ways to continuously improve our customer enablement process for our product. An activity in that process is understanding the customer environment. The Caristix Conformance product assist the SME knowledge of their environment and not to rely on outdated documentation and assumptions. Conformance gives us (and the customers) a great visual of their environment.

With this improved visibility, we reduced the rationalization logistic interactions – a lengthy Q/A process (i.e. what systems are involved in the project? what data comes from that system? <<…implementation period…>> Are you sure? Well, we’re seeing this type of data and it does not agree with the initial statements. Are there any more surprises? etc.). This form of interaction occurs over weeks or months and creates much re-work as information becomes known. Knowing upfront the true reality not only mitigates loss time (and financial expenditures), but also improves customer satisfaction and overall product experience.

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