Caristix is Hiring!

Technical Support Rep

We’re looking for a full-time, Quebec City-based support rep. This isn’t your typical tech and/or sales support position. We’re seeking one very special individual: first and foremost, someone who gets startup life and loves it. This special someone also gets product management and the voice of the customer.

Your days will be varied. You might be demoing to prospects one day, troubleshooting with a customer the next, and delivering in-depth training the following week. And throughout it all, you’ll be listening for feedback. Feedback is our lifeblood. Feedback tells us if we’re hitting the pain point or if we need to move three inches to the left. Feedback is make-or-break for startups.

We’re looking for someone who’s technical and SW-focused and who’s great with customers. The perfect candidate would know healthcare IT. This is a great opportunity to join an awesome team with a fun and rewarding culture.

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UX Developer

We’re also looking for a full-time, Quebec-City based developer with knockout user experience skills. Again, you gotta love startup life. With this position, you’re going to hit the ground running with an application platform that’s been developed over the past 18 months.

You’ll be comfortable in an Agile environment, delivering frequent iterations. You’ll be hounding product management and tech support for customer feedback so you can drive product awesomeness.

We’re looking for someone with development chops with a UX portfolio that shows you get it: you get customer workflows and you get how to solve customer pain. This is a great opportunity to join an terrific team with a fun and rewarding culture.

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