Caristix Connect Is Now Caristix Conformance (Thank You, Beta Users)

First of all, a big thank-you goes out to all the folks who signed up for our beta. Because of your input, our products are a lot more useful and a whole lot more compelling than a few months back.

Betas Are Good For Branding and Messaging, Too

Our beta users provided great feedback on user workflows and functionality, which we incorporated into this release. They also delivered a healthy pipeline of enhancement requests. Plus we identified (and fixed) bugs.

We also got more than we were expecting. We weren’t expecting to change the product name. But then we kept having this conversation over the “Connect” name…

Customer: “Are you guys building an interface engine?”

Caristix: “Uh, no.”

Customer: “Then what are you connecting?”

Caristix: “You know, the conformance profile gaps you need to bridge when you’re spec-ing an interface?”

Customer: “So… why exactly is it called ‘Connect’?”

The upshot: we changed the name. We wanted you to immediately get that Caristix Conformance is not an interface engine. It’s software that gets you to the interface engine setup stage a lot faster by automating conformance profile creation.

So, to clear up any confusion, Caristix Connect, which just came out of beta, is now officially Caristix™ Conformance software.

Thanks, Caristix beta users!