Caristix Conformance and Test Launch

Caristix Launches HL7 Integration Management Software for Healthcare Vendors and Hospital IT Teams

HL7 Interface analysts and engineers eliminate time-consuming manual work to leave more time to bridge healthcare data gaps through interface engines, HIEs, and more.

Quebec City, Canada, November 5, 2010 — Caristix, an HL7 integration software company serving healthcare vendors and providers, today announced the release of new software designed for interface analysts and engineers. Caristix™ Conformance and Caristix™ Test software help close information gaps before work begins on configuring an interface within an integration platform.

Time Savings on HL7 Requirements, Scoping, and Documentation Work

“Before you can consider using integration technology such as an interface engine, there is a lot of upfront analysis and documentation work involved with scoping an interface, gathering requirements, and then testing the interface,” said Netspective CEO Shahid Shah and popular blogger at “Caristix software enabled us to automate this work, especially the document generation and conformance verification. Netspective was able to create definitions for connecting hospital systems to our customer’s cloud-based system in a few days rather than a few weeks. We couldn’t have done this cost-effectively without Caristix and I encourage everyone to give it a try.”

While interface engines and other integration platforms help vendors and providers address the connectivity and transactional issues associated with interoperability and integration, Caristix software addresses the time-consuming scoping and requirements-gathering stage of determining what and how to connect as well as the oft-forgotten documentation task.

LIS-EHR Interface Example

“Until now, there hasn’t been a way to electronically manage or automate interface requirements and scoping,” said Stéphane Vigot, president of Caristix. “For instance, if you’re implementing an ONC-certified EHR for Meaningful Use purposes, one key component to consider would be an interface to the lab you do business with. Without this interface, it would be impossible to order lab tests and view lab results within the EHR. A physician would have to log out of the EHR, then log in to the lab system to order labs and view results, and finally switch back to the EHR to copy and paste the order and results associated with a patient. However, keep in mind that LIS-EHR interfaces are some of the most complex in the business. This complexity can be controlled by accurately assessing the gaps between the two systems. That’s where Caristix software comes in.”

“We’re aiming to be the solution for the time-consuming, spaghetti-junction part of HL7 integration.”

Caristix Conformance and Test Software

Caristix Conformance (beta name: Connect) is a conformance profile management application designed for interface analysts. It automates conformance profile creation, gap analysis, and documentation. Caristix Test software is a test automation application designed specifically for HL7 integration. It enables analysts to create test messages with real-world data and test plans that reflect customer-specific workflows. More information is available at

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About Caristix

Founded in July 2009, Caristix develops software tailored to the needs of healthcare technology vendors and hospital IT teams. Caristix gives busy interfacing experts the power to assess gaps between siloed information systems without the investment in time and resources required by current manual work. Through Caristix technology, interfacing teams are positioned to drive complexity out of the implementation and delivery of the essential software and systems used in healthcare. To learn more, please visit Follow Caristix on Twitter, LinkedIn, and the company’s blog.