Customer Success: Cardinal Health Canada

Here’s what Barry Holleman, Vice President, Clinical Technologies, at Cardinal Health Canada had to say recently about Caristix:

“Cardinal Health Canada was seeking ways to cut HL7 interface validation time on our product deployments, without sacrificing quality processes. We were aiming to cut 20 to 25% off our troubleshooting time. Instead, Caristix software enabled our interface engineers to streamline troubleshooting much more significantly. In one case, what was a 2 hour task now takes just 10 minutes.

“I would also like to mention how responsive the team is at Caristix. Training and follow-ups have been personalized and results-focused.

“If you are looking to develop, test and troubleshoot HL7 interfaces more efficiently, Caristix deserves to be on your short list.”

We’re thrilled!

If you’d like learn how to cut your HL7 troubleshooting time, feel free to get in touch for a 15-minute demo. My email is at the top of this post.