Introducing the Caristix Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Caristix blog! In this first post, we’ll cover a little background about what you can expect from this blog. And we’ll introduce the people who’ll be writing here.

HL7 Is Where It’s At

We’ll be covering interfaces, integration, and interoperability in healthcare information technology. Topics will include:

  • software development and testing. What makes healthcare so different? We’ll be talking about that.
  • HL7 interface scoping and configuration. HL7 is all about configurability. Which is why… Every. Single. Implementation. Is. Different. (whether we like it or not)
  • interface maintenance and troubleshooting. Updates, bug fixes, upgrades, new products. Interfaces change all the time. How do you keep up?
  • customer acceptance testing. Test patients, test orders, test messages. How do we as an industry make this easier for clinicians and vendors?

Plus we’ll provide customer stories, product news, tips and tricks, and opinions. It’ll be a mix of technical and business topics for interface analysts, software developers, testers, team leaders, and healthcare executives.

Meet the Bloggers

Jean-Luc Morin

Jean-Luc is the R&D lead at Caristix. Jean-Luc chose to work on the issues we address at Caristix because of something he’s noticed each time he’s worked with hospitals both big and small. He says that whenever the subject turned to interfacing, it seemed like the walls would start to shake. So Jean-Luc focuses on delivering tools that will make software implementations and interface configuration accessible and effortless for both vendors and hospitals.

On a personal level, Jean-Luc loves getting knee-deep in data, syntactically and semantically speaking. And interfacing is the perfect blend of both.

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Stéphane Vigot

Stéphane is the sales lead at Caristix. Stéphane chose to work on the issues that Caristix addresses because he knows we’ve identified a real need that interface analysts and their executives face. He feels that there has got to be a better, simpler way to deploy healthcare software and interfaces than what he’s seen in previous implementations: plain text editors for HL7 message logs and long lists of paper-based specs. Healthcare technology can be a whole lot easier for hospitals (and vendors) to digest if they have the right tools.

He’s also excited about working with the folks at Caristix. We’re a group of people who’ve worked together over the past years, and we’re a team with a singular focus on HL7 and healthcare. So things look promising.

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Sovita Chander

Sovita is the marketing lead at Caristix. Sovita chose to work on the issues that Caristix addresses because she’s seen the roadblocks that implementation teams face with interfacing, both on the business side with delayed go-lives and on the people side with user frustration and poor product adoption. With Caristix, there’s a real opportunity to change things and smooth out some of those bumps.

Sovita is really looking forward to the customer feedback. The most successful products she’s worked on have all included strong voice-of-the-customer input. And we want that at Caristix.

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Donald Marcotte

Donald is the QA/quality lead at Caristix. Throughout his career, he’s been responsible for making sure that product development teams actually deliver the products they say they’re going to. And he chose to work on the issues that Caristix addresses because of the complexity people face in healthcare. When it comes to product quality in healthcare, the stakes are high. And Donald thinks that’s a great incentive to work on tools that make product development and implementation smoother.

He sees the tools we’re developing at Caristix as technology enablers. For Donald, our work lets the big brains in healthcare — the technology innovators and pioneers — focus on making better products that help more patients. We just help them take care of getting the left hand to talk to the right.

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