HL7 Interface Troubleshooting? Introducing Pinpoint Software

Now that we’ve gone live with our new website, we’ve also launched our first product, Caristix™ Pinpoint software for troubleshooting HL7 interfaces.

What Does Pinpoint Do?

If you’ve ever received an HL7 message log with thousands of messages and segments, you know you’re in for a few hours of scrolling… just to find a handful of messages that you need for a troubleshooting task. Pinpoint lets you find the target messages in a few minutes rather than a few hours.

Who Is Pinpoint Designed For?

Pinpoint is for interface analysts and engineers who work on implementing and maintaining HL7 interfaces. They work for HIT and healthcare technology vendors as well as hospitals.

Pinpoint 30-Day Trial

We hope you’ll take Pinpoint out for a spin. Download a trial.

More About Pinpoint

Check out the product page.

Any questions or comments? We’d love to hear back from trial users. Leave a comment or question below, or contact us at support@caristix.com .