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Meet your interoperability challenges with Caristix Professional Services

Caristix eases the costs and pain of interfacing. Experience truly reliable interoperability.
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Get Up and Running Quickly

Caristix offers Interface Development services that cover your development needs end-to-end and get you up and running quickly. Caristix can reduce time-to-delivery by as much as 50% over typical timelines.

Caristix uses its own interface development software and proven processes to build interfaces. We bring proven system integration expertise to the table to enable interoperability and secure the accurate cost-effective exchange of data in healthcare settings. In addition, we deliver a full set of documentation artifacts during the integration process:

    • Architecture,
    • Message flow,
    • Gap analysis,
    • Interface specifications,
    • Transformation lists,
    • Validation test results
    • Test cases 

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