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What is EMR Data Conversion?

Data conversion is the process of extracting patient data from your old EMR and porting it into your new EMR. During that process, the data format must to be converted into the new EMR data structure. There are two types of data you’ll be dealing with:

Structured Data: EMRs are designed to handle structured, privileged data. EMR software uses structured data in validation processing, to build graphics, and in productivity improvement features.

Unstructured data: This type of data is stored as free text or scanned documents (Pdf, Word, etc). Unstructured data is of very limited use unless a user actually opens the document and reads through it.

Why is the structure of the data important?

Structured data is completely accessible but unstructured data is lost without manually picking through those attached documents. Our experienced data experts can help you save and convert that into structured data so that it is accessible, searchable and can be leveraged by your new EMR.

EMR Data Conversion Options

Paper to EMR

The first EMR implementation requires importing patient demographics and paper documents to your new EMR.

Scanned Documents to EMR

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Replacing EMR

Replacing your EMR? Converting data to your new EMR is easy with Caristix and  cheaper than other options.

Replacing EMR

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EMR/EMR data exchange

Need help with system interfacing? Caristix is your fast and safe partner. We have been  developing CCD, CDA and HL7® tools for years.

Interfacing EMR to EMR

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HIS/EMR data exchange

Need help integrating an ancillary system with your EMR? We can help!

HIS to EMR inteface

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Dr. Padilla’s Story – Saving Time and Money with Caristix

Caristix was contacted by Dr. AJ Padilla, an endocrinologist in private group practice in Connecticut. His legacy EMR was no longer supported by the vendor. Dr. Padilla was going to have to migrate his practice to a new EMR.  After some evaluation, he chose Amazing Charts.

In converting to a new EMR, the first critical task that has to be addressed is the migration of patient data from the legacy system to the new EMR. Dr. Padilla had watched one physician in his practice transfer all her patient data manually. This took 8 months of arduous work. Knowing he had to transfer almost 10,000 patient records, Dr. Padilla called Caristix looking for a fast, accurate, pain free way to accomplish this data migration and conversion.

“After watching EMR Conversion Testimonial1my colleague struggle to manually convert data from her old EMR, I decided to look for a company that could make this happen quickly, easily and affordably. The expert team at Caristix was able to port and convert my patient records quickly, accurately, and with minimal impact on my practice and staff.

It only took Caristix a week to prepare the data from my patient files for importation and 2 hours to upload it into my new EMR. Caristix saved me months of time and frustration. On top of that, the cost savings was significant. I was impressed and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone looking at data porting and conversion! “ 

- Dr AJ Padilla, MD