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Meet your interoperability challenges with Caristix Professional Services

Caristix eases the costs and pain of interfacing. Experience truly reliable interoperability.
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Get Ready for the Challenge

The drivers and demands for interoperability have radically increased in the last few years in the healthcare industry. The days of siloed systems are long gone. Data exchange is a necessity in workflows. The number and complexity of interfaces has exploded and will continue to expand in the following years. Strong strategy and comprehensive architecture around interoperability are the keys to keeping your business on track.

We can help you meet those business objectives. With its broad experience, Caristix can help you define a scalable and robust architecture. Our integration engine agnostic approach is the best solution to build the backbone that supports interoperability challenges.

Maturity curve

  • Where are you on the Healthcare Interoperability Maturity Curve?
  •  Are you looking for  a new interface engine? Or changing to a new EHR?
  • Is the complexity of your data flow include dealing with multiple systems and/or multiple locations to support your clinical workflow?
  • How do you intend to monitor your systems?
  • How scalable is your system?
  • How do you ensure high availability of interoperability infrastructure?

Make sure you are covered with comprehensive interoperability architecture and a realistic implementation planning.

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