Caristix Workgroup – Getting Started Video Series

By | Published: February 4th, 2014

Are you just getting started with Caristix software? Or do you need a refresh on functionality you haven’t used in a while?

We’re launching a video tutorial series for Caristix users. The series prepares you to use Workgroup to cover the entire interface lifecycle: scoping, configuration, testing, go-live, maintenance, and upgrades. The series will walk you step-by-step  through loading HL7 data to output a spec and interface requirements, setting up validation testing, de-identifying messages, and much more. This week we’re kicking [...]

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Pinpoint Software for HL7 Interface Gap Analysis

By | Published: July 19th, 2010

We’ve had great feedback from early users of Pinpoint software. They aren’t just using Pinpoint for interface troubleshooting. They’re also incorporating the software into their gap analysis workflow. In this context, gap analysis is the process of documenting the HL7 interface gaps between new software and legacy systems.

Here’s one way Pinpoint can make this process a little quicker.

Start with a Message Log Analysts usually start with a raw message log from the provider, covering a few days of transactions. The [...]

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