HL7® Software for Interface Development
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HL7 software for faster HL7 interface development

Develop and deliver critical healthcare HL7 interfacing projects with the leading interoperability software built for analyst and developer productivity. Get closer to One-Hour Interoperability.
Caristix Workgroup Feature Tour

Your Interface Engine

The Caristix Workgroup software is interface engine agnostic and complements your current and future interfacing technology.  The same software can be use when working with several interface engine vendors.  Interface engine lock-in issues are mitigated.

Conversion Projects

Interface engine conversion projects are resource intensive and require good practices and processes in place.  Implement and standardize practices and speed up interfacing projects with tools covering the whole interface development process.

Caristix Workgroup is the glue between your legacy interface engine and the new technology you are deploying.


Tighten the integration with your interface engine with a Caristix Connector. Get HL7 messages directly from the interface engine without having to deal with files. Save your team from the pain of playing with message schemes by leveraging the specification editor and exporting/importing directly to your interface engine.

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