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Monitor HL7® messages compliance.

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Monitor and validate HL7 messages even before parsing it.

Add conformance profile support to your integration infrastructure and detect any change to specification instantaneously.

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What is an HL7® Conformance Profile?

An HL7 conformance profile describes the data and messages in an interface. It sets requirements for data elements like trigger events, segments, fields, and tables by specifying a detailed definition for each of them. In other words, it’s a set of constraint defining what the HL7 message shall look like in terms of message structure and valid data.

Use Conformance Profiles

Add conformance profile support to your integration engine. Validate messages upon HL7 v2.x standard or your own customized profile so customized trigger events, Z-segments, fields and tables (code sets) are covered. 

Detect Changes

Experienced an interface specification change suddenly changed without anyone notified you? The web service implementation monitors messages and detect any change in spec implementation. Get notified about message conformance failure right away and get pro-active.

Increase Data Quality

Message validation helps increase the overall data quality of your eco-system. Monitoring any inbound or outbound message, you make sure data is exchange in the way anyone can consume it. Discard bad messages upfront and react if needed.