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Alex Bethke

“…I really found that your software saved me a significant amount of time searching HL7 messages for the task I needed to complete. [...] Your software is much better than HL7 Spy. Overall, I found the software to be much more user friendly and easier to use.”

Alex Bethke, System Analyst, Medical University of South Carolina


“We were aiming to cut 20 to 25% off our troubleshooting time. Instead, Caristix software enabled our interface engineers to streamline troubleshooting much more significantly. In one case, what was a 2-hour task now takes just 10 minutes”

Barry Holleman, VP Clinical Technologies, Canada


“I’ve been cranking out files in 5 minutes when it used to take me as much as 30 minutes to do the analysis.”

Bill Huff, Interface Team Lead, DC Area

Caristix Pinpoint Feature Tour

Load HL7 messages from a database

Get messages directly from a database, running an SQL query.

Fetch HL7 messages directly from popular integration engines

Tight the integration with your interface engine with Caristix Connectors. Get HL7 messages directly from the interface engine without having to deal with files.

Read HL7 messages from a custom file

Sometimes, we need to read HL7 messages from a log file containing other stuff than HL7 data. With Pinpoint, you can easily extract HL7 messages from that file.