Scrub Protected Patient Health
Information (PHI) in HL7® Messages

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De-identification tool to scrub HL7 messages and protect patient data at the source. Remove PHI data while keeping the data history.

No need to work with production data. De-identify or scrub HL7 messages so you can work with production like messages without putting PHI at risk. Produce auditable reports after each de-identification of PHI. Generate clinically valid data for interface development, testing, and analytics — and remain compliant with your HIPAA PHI policies and procedures.
Caristix Cloak Feature Tour

De-identifying PHI Introduction

This tutorial will show you how to use Caristix Cloak to remove PHI from a stack of HL7 messages.

Customize De-Identification Rules

The application comes with a set of de-identification rules. Those rules describe what field contains PHI and how to generate new data. Sometimes, you may need to add or modify rules to and manage customizations. Here’s how.

De-Identify Free-Text

Free text like lab reports and notes may contain PHI. It important to manage them when de-identifying data. See how easy you can do it with Cloak.

De-Identify Live HL7 Messages Feed

Use Cloak and Cloak-Live to de-identify live feed in production so data can be forwarded to a test environment or a 3rd party while protecting PHI all in real time and automatically.