Free Resources

HL7® Survival Guide Free Resources

We’ve developed free resources to support the work described in the HL7® Survival Guide. Download the complete package or the individual tools.  

The Whole Resource Package

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Individual Tools

Don’t need the whole Resource Package? Download the individual tools.

 HL7® Profile Kit

They’re called specs, profiles, conformance profiles, and probably a dozen other names. Whatever you call them, you need some kind of interface specification document. Here’s a kit to get you started.

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Checklist: Collaboration Software for HL7® Integration

To make it easier for your organization to take full advantage of its interfacing artifacts, assets, and documentation, download this checklist of what to look for when you’re researching collaboration software.

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HL7 Specification Template

Whatever you call them, specs, profiles, conformance profiles, or anything else, you still need them. The more accurate the HL7 interface specification, the faster it’ll be implemented. Here’s a template to get you started.

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Excel Gap Analysis Template

Once you have your specs, you need to perform a gap analysis between the systems you’re going to interface. This concise template provides essential guidelines.

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Message Player

When you’re coding an interface, you need a listener/router utility for simple testing. Here’s a free download.

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Interface Asset Template

When you’re compiling your interface assets, it helps to start with a baseline spreadsheet. Here’s a free download.

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