HL7® Software for Interface Development
Faster Interfacing, Lower Cost


HL7 software for faster HL7 interface development

Develop and deliver critical healthcare HL7 interfacing projects with the leading interoperability software built for analyst and developer productivity. Get closer to One-Hour Interoperability.
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All-in-One Software

HL7 interface specs, gap analysis, PHI removal, HL7 message edition, test management and more – all in an integrated software package; it’s all just there. And that’s just the beginning.

HL7® Specifications

Refer to HL7 standards, manage vendor specifications or create your own. HL7 specifications can be created from standard definitions or directly from message samples.

Use the software to understand the actual HL7 specification of the implemented system, customization included.

HL7® Gap Analysis

Compare two HL7 specs and discover required transformations and data mapping to setup the interface.  Understand all the work required before starting to code and avoid discovering new requirements after go-live.


De-Identify or scrub HL7 messages free of PHI.  Scrub tons of messages but keep data semantic intact so they can be used for troubleshooting or test content. Use production data while protecting sensitive patient information.

Compare HL7® Messages

Compare HL7 messages and quickly see all differences.  The comparison uses HL7 structures instead of doing straight string comparisons and is, therefore, more precise and complete. Great for interfacing and conversion projects.

Knowledge Base

Make sure the knowledge you acquired during the project is saved and can be reused later.  All project artifacts can be stored in a document vault with access control and versioning capabilities.

Interface Engine

The Caristix Workgroup HL7 software is completely interface engine agnostic. However, tighter integration with your integration technology is possible using a Caristix interface engine connector.

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