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HL7 software for faster HL7 interface development

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Caristix Workgroup Feature Tour

Compare two sets of messages

Compare HL7 message files and quickly get all differences. HL7 message comparison is done using HL7 message analysis  (not strings) so the result is precise and accurate.  Comparing two messages is as easy as comparing 1000. 

Share Differences

Report differences in a Excel or PDF document and share the difference descriptions with the project team.  Focus on what is wrong, not message comparison.

Exclude/Include Fields

Focus on fields that matter to you. Select the field list to exclude or include from the comparison eliminating noise directly at the source.

Match Messages on Fields Data

Files don’t contain messages in the same order?  No problem, message matching can be done on specific fields so the application finds what message match.

Interface Engine Conversion

HL7 message comparison is quite effective for interface engine conversion.  

Compare transformations and business logic and validate that they are equivalent in the legacy and in the new interface.