Your Secret Weapon

Working with InterSystems Ensemble, Orion Rhapsody, SeeBeyond/Sun/Oracle e*Gate, Microsoft BizTalk, Interfaceware Iguana, Mirth Connect or another integration engine?

Add a Caristix Connector to your Caristix application to ensure a direct connection with your integration engine.  Save hours of configuration and coding.


Caristix Connectors Feature Tour

Export Conformance Profiles to Symphonia

You’ve created a profile in a Caristix library. The connector exports it directly to your engine, saving hours of coding.

Import Conformance Profiles from Symphonia

You already have the message schemas set up?  The connector imports it right into your Caristix library.  Easily edit message schemas using the profile editor, re-export the new definitions to Rhapsody (Symphonia), automatically update your test scenarios and publish updates for the rest of the team.


Thanks to a Rhapsody Connector from Caristix, an HIE developer connecting 80 hospitals saved 8 hours of coding time per interface.