Your Secret Weapon

Working with InterSystems Ensemble, Orion Rhapsody, SeeBeyond/Sun/Oracle e*Gate, Microsoft BizTalk, Interfaceware Iguana, Mirth Connect or another integration engine?

Add a Caristix Connector to your Caristix application to ensure a direct connection with your integration engine.  Save hours of configuration and coding.


Caristix Connectors Feature Tour

Ideal for Migration Projects

Reduce effort for converting Seebeyond/Sun/Oracle eGate interfaces to your new technology. The eGate connector helps gathering requirements and transfer interfaces. It is agnostic to the interface engine you are migrating to.

Import Trigger Event Definitions (ETD)

The connector imports trigger event definitions directly into your Caristix library. Optionally, easily edit message schemas using the profile editor and export the new definitions to your new integration technology.

Pull HL7® Messages From e*Gate iQueues

The eGate HL7® Connector from Caristix lets you pull messages directly from iQueues.

Get messages for scoping or troubleshooting right from the engine. Create profiles and message schemas using messages directly.

No need to extract HL7® messages in flat files. Get them quickly with just a few clicks.