Your Secret Weapon

Working with InterSystems Ensemble, Orion Rhapsody, SeeBeyond/Sun/Oracle e*Gate, Microsoft BizTalk, Interfaceware Iguana, Mirth Connect or another integration engine?

Add a Caristix Connector to your Caristix application to ensure a direct connection with your integration engine.  Save hours of configuration and coding.


Caristix Connectors Feature Tour

Conversion is a Process

Converting 100 or 1000 of interfaces is usually not a walk in the park.  To be successful, conversion projects require tight planning, the right process and the tools to support them.

Connectors can make a significant difference when it comes to conversion projects.  They’re the conduit between the old and the new.

End-to-end Platfom

Combined with the Caristix platform, connectors streamline the interface conversion process:

  • Standardize interface development processes and promote best practices
  • Automatically generate and manage complete and up-to-date interface documentation for each and every interface
  • Centralize and securely share project artifacts among team members and external collaborators
  • Increase overall productivity

Caristix covers the whole interface development lifecycle from requirements gathering to interface validation, helping IT teams to save as much as 70% of the time dedicated to building interfaces.

Streamline Process

Streamline the conversion process with message schemas conversions:

  1. Extract message schemas (or message definitions) from the legacy integration engine
  2. Export the converted message schemas to the new integration platform.

Some connectors can even extract transformation and mapping code.  The it’s up to the team to rewrite the code, leveraging the new technology.

Gather Conversion Requirements

With the connector, retreive messages directly from the integration engine.  With those messages, the Caristix platform can extract mapping and transformation requirements for the interface to be converted.  Undocumented interfaces are no longer a problem.