HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


Manage HL7 specifications and understand data to be exchanged

Automate time-consuming HL7 spec creation and gap analysis. Create HL7 conformance statements that simplify interface requirements-gathering. Eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive manual work.  Take control of the system specifications, customizations and coding requirements. 

Caristix Conformance Feature Tour

Any Vendor, Anytime

Caristix Conformance is vendor-agnostic. Whatever interface engine you are working with, Conformance has you covered. Increase productivity no matter what interface engine you’re using.

Connectors – Your Secret Weapon

Conformance provides connectors to interface engines. Connectors let you import an interface specification directly into an interface engine.

Faster Interface Development

With Conformance’s ability to connect to a vendor’s interface engine using HL7 Connectors, you’ll speed up interface development.

What About Point-to Point?

If you’re building point-to-point interfaces, Caristix Conformance can help. Scopes interfaces more efficiently – and keep interfaces up-to-date as your systems evolve.