Cloak Live

De-Identify messages directly from live data feed.


De-Identify messages directly from your integration engine or any live data feed.

Populate your test environment with production data and still comply with HIPAA requirements.

Caristix Cloak Live Feature Tour

Remove Protected Health Information from Live Feed

Caristix Cloak Live removes sensitive patient data from any HL7 interface while leaving clinical workflows intact. With Cloak Live, providers can follow HIPAA PHI policies and procedures and eliminate one source of data breaches.

Cloak Live replaces patient identities with fake patient identities generated at run time. Data flows and workflows are preserved so patient history remains while protecting PHI.


Prevent Breaches

Internally generated healthcare information breaches are surprisingly common, and the overall economic impact of a breach on a provider organization can be upwards of $2 million. The best way to prevent breaches is to make them impossible – by removing sensitive data from HL7 messages.

Feed Your Test Environment With High Quality Data

The best of 2 worlds! Feed your test environment with production data without putting PHI at risk and improving your data quality.

Send/Receive De-Identified Data

The best way to protect PHI is not storing it. Several analytic and data aggregation applications don’t need patient identity data. Manage risks by not sending or receiving patient health information. Data can still be analysed and secure.

Supports HIPAA

All 18 HIPAA identifiers are categories of data that must be protected. Besides easily recognized personal information, care must be given to protect device identifiers and even IP addresses. Cloak’s de-identification techniques cover all 18 identifiers.