We help healthcare analysts build HL7 interfaces – up to 50% faster.
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Caristix is the only HL7 interfacing software
platform built for analyst and developer

Why This Matters

Caristix Interface Lifecycle
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HL7, interfacing, interoperability.
Think it’s all about the engine? Think again.
It’s really about the data and the workflows.

The Survival Guide has been called “truly awesome
reading for a true practitioner.”

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What’s New

We add new features and deliver more productivity with every software release.

See what Caristix customers are gaining in v3.0.

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Workgroup Edition

Transform HL7 interface lifecycle management.

Nothing beats Workgroup for cutting complexity and meeting aggressive Go-Live dates.

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HL7 Connectors

Connect your spec directly to Ensemble, Iguana, Mirth, Orion Rhapsody, Messaging Workbench, and more.

Save hours of coding time.

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Turnkey Interface

We deploy Mirth, the engine used in 100,000 organizations worldwide. Deliver integration and connectivity in weeks.

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More HL7 Software and Services

Free HL7 Tools

  • Caristix Message Player: a free HL7 listener and router you can use in minutes.
  • Caristix Reader: read HL7 profiles and interface specifications created with Caristix software.
  • Caristix Labs

    See what we’re cooking up in the lab.

  • Services

    Training, implementation, and other services that help you get the most out of your Caristix investment.

Who’s Who
Customer List

Health system operating in 17

IDN with 36,000 employees

Fortune 500 HIT vendors

Many more

“With Caristix, we reduced 10 days of cycle time down to 5 hours.”

George McGivan, Sr. Technical Business Analyst
Fortune 20 firm providing revenue cycle management services and technology

“I’ve been cranking out files in 5 minutes
when it used to take me as much as 30 minutes to do the analysis.”

Bill Huff, Interface Team Lead
Large regional trauma center in Virginia