Scope HL7® Interfaces from Front to End

Caristix Capabilities

  • Update your interface inventory in no time.
  • Create complete interface specifications from your own logs in minutes.
  • Remove confidential data and protected health information (PHI) for analysis or distribution.


Caristix software lets teams scope interfaces from end to end, providing an easy-to-consult blueprint of exactly what to code – just what developers need when they’re knee-deep in data, building an interface. Track needs and project status, and validate the business reasons for the interface. Create an interface inventory that can be shared team-wide, and eliminate Interface Black Box Syndrome.

Caristix scoping capabilities automate the work needed to understand interface data flow and structures.


  • Reduce risk in project timelines, with less time spent on coding in an interface engine.
  • Drive exponential gains in efficiency: for every one hour spent on scoping, save several hours more on the rest of the interfacing lifecycle.
  • Support Lean interfacing practices, eliminating wasted tasks and rework.
  • Keep interface knowledge in-house, even when consultants leave.

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