Caristix Integration Project Journey

Integration becomes a requirement

  • Where should I start?
  • What would my project look like?
  • How long will it take?
  • How does data exchange works in healthcare?
  • Are they any existing standards?

  • How do we integrate healthcare systems?
  • What does a healthcare data exchange standard look like?
  • Implementation challenges and traps?
  • Existing integration engines and benefits

What is HL7 / FHIR?

Scoping the project

  • With what system?
  • What workflows?
  • What data standard?
  • What data formats (specs)?
  • What Data volume?
  • On-premises or cloud?
  • Realistic timeline?

  • Priorities and milestones?
  • Who's involved? Stakeholders? Actors?
  • Cost and budget
  • Buy or build?


Integration & Testing

  • How to understand the data?
  • Did we covered all workflows?
  • How to validate the interfaces?
  • How do I manage errors?
  • How do I detect changes?
  • Troubleshooting strategy?

  • How to increase my team productivity?
  • How to document my project?
  • How to automate QA?
  • How to optimize reusability?
  • How to improve team member collaboration?