HL7® Software for Interface Development
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HL7 software for faster HL7 interface development

Develop and deliver critical healthcare HL7 interfacing projects with the leading interoperability software built for analyst and developer productivity. Get closer to One-Hour Interoperability.
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Standard HL7® Specifications

Off the shelf, the software includes standard HL7 specifications (v2.1 through v2.7).  Find standard trigger events, segment definition, field optionality, field suggested values or any other HL7 specification detail.

System HL7® Spec

Reverse engineering of HL7 message samples creates HL7 specifications in minutes. The actual HL7 specification is often not what the vendor reports in their generic specification document.  Get the actual spec including segments, fields and code sets’ customization.

Customize Interface Specs

Build and maintain interface specifications.  Define Z-segments, customize field definition, adjust value sets, add extra description to key concepts of the interface specification and manage different versions of the same specification.

Flexible Interface Specifications

Specific needs are handled by adding extra definitions to specifications.  Adding a list of known issues, documenting the introduction schedule of new codes or creating special indicators are all possible thus extending the object definitions.

Export to your interface engine

Using a Caristix Connector, specifications can be pushed to your interface engine to automatically create the message definition.  Import message definitions from the interface engine as a benefit of the user-friendly editor. One source of truth with several outputs.

Get it in Word

Export the specification to a Microsoft Word document in a format HL7 analysts are used  to working  with.  If the spec changes, just regenerate the document. One source of truth, several outputs.

Document Conformance Statement

Use the specification as a conformance statement document.  Share it with your partners and teammates.  The software will handle the versioning for you as needed.