Scrub Protected Patient Health
Information (PHI) in HL7® Messages

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De-identification tool to scrub HL7 messages and protect patient data at the source. Remove PHI data while keeping the data history.

No need to work with production data. De-identify or scrub HL7 messages so you can work with production like messages without putting PHI at risk. Produce auditable reports after each de-identification of PHI. Generate clinically valid data for interface development, testing, and analytics — and remain compliant with your HIPAA PHI policies and procedures.
Caristix Cloak Feature Tour

De-identifying HL7 Messages Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use Caristix Cloak to remove PHI from a stack of HL7 messages.

Start with Real-World Data

If you’re testing or scoping an HL7 interface, you need to use realistic data. Realistic data means production-like data: customizations, Z-segments, and non-standard field lengths. Without realistic data, you risk missing interfacing issues until it’s too late – and delaying delivery.

Protect Patient Identifiers

But actually using production data is a recipe for disaster. Caristix Cloak gives you a quick, easy way to de-identify data. That is, you remove sensitive personal information from HL7 messages, so you can test with real data, safely.

Providers: Remove Protected Health Information

Caristix Cloak removes sensitive patient data from HL7 messages, while leaving clinical workflows intact. With Cloak, providers can follow HIPAA PHI policies and procedures and eliminate one source of data breaches.

Vendors: Safeguard Data

Even with Business Associate agreements in place, sharing patient data can be fraught with security issues. Cloak lets vendors remove sensitive information when working with provider data for testing or analytics. Reinforce the data security policies and procedures you already have in place.

Preventing Breaches

Internally generated healthcare information breaches are surprisingly common, and the overall economic impact of a breach on a provider organization can be upwards of $2 million. The best way to prevent breaches is to make them impossible – by removing sensitive data from HL7 messages.

Supporting HIPAA

All 18 HIPAA identifiers are categories of data that must be protected. Besides easily recognized personal information, care must be given to protect device identifiers and even IP addresses. Cloak’s de-identification techniques cover all 18 identifiers.