HL7® Testing Tool


Test HL7 interfaces for critical interoperability projects

HL7 testing tool is now required to manage all interface development work.  Get the power of high-end test automation tools and apply it to HL7 interface testing.  All that without the learning curve of complex software. The application is built to help with HL7 interface tests.  Go live with higher quality HL7 interfaces. Reduce risk and increase confidence.
Caristix Test Feature Tour

HL7® Testing Made Easy

HL7 testing can be challenging when large data sets are involved and several transformations are applied to each message.  Caristix Test helps you define and organize HL7 test cases for your HL7 projects quickly and easily.

Test Transformations and Data Mappings

Test message transformations and data mappings by sending generated or pre-defined messages to the interface.  The interface coding transforms messages and field values, which are validated using rules you have defined.

Test Workflows

Move beyond  testing at the message level,  test HL7 workflows.  Complex workflows can be tested the same way you would test simple message transformations.

Test HL7® Message Fields

The Caristix HL7 testing tool allows validation of HL7 messages in several ways. Testing can be done directly on fields for specific values, data patterns, or data formats. Testing can also be done with other HL7 messages from other test cases.

Test with HL7® Spec

Add HL7 conformance validation to your tests by validating messages against an HL7 spec representing the system sending or receiving the data.  Trap issues related to segment optionality, field repetition, unexpected code values and many other HL7 specification related elements.

Test with Expected Message

The Caristix HL7 testing tool also allows you to validate that a given message was transformed as expected.  Provide the expected result and compare it to the actual transformed message.  Compare a set of fields, segments or the whole message.