HL7® Testing Tool


Test HL7 interfaces for critical interoperability projects

HL7 testing tool is now required to manage all interface development work.  Get the power of high-end test automation tools and apply it to HL7 interface testing.  All that without the learning curve of complex software. The application is built to help with HL7 interface tests.  Go live with higher quality HL7 interfaces. Reduce risk and increase confidence.
Caristix Test Feature Tour

Generate HL7® Messages

Generate 1000s of HL7 messages in a few seconds using a message template or an HL7® specification.  Populate then with data from a database, an Excel spreadsheet, a Caristix generator or another data source.

Simulate HL7® systems

The testing tool can simulate systems generating HL7 messages following system specification.  Add system specificities and customization to generated messages.

Simulate complex workflows

Define test cases implementing complex HL7 workflows.  Test cases can simulate several systems exchanging complex data testing transformation and mapping interface code easily.

Data driven testing

Make a single test case testing several cases using data driven testing techniques.  This is just one of the several features the testing tool implements to minimize test cases maintenance.