Comprehensive, Accurate HL7® Documentation

Caristix Capabilities

  • Finalize documentation at the speed of light based on exactly what goes live, in order to support monitoring and maintenance activities.
  • Document how the interface was set up, including network specifics.

Caristix software shines during go-live with accurate documentation that captures real-world details. If interface changes are needed on-the-fly during go-live, your team will have them covered. With Caristix technology, your team benefits from versioning and traceability features that support high-adrenalin system go-lives, instead of getting in the way.


  • Reduce overall scoping to go-live time by as much as 50%.
  • Control your project schedule: higher-quality interfaces at go-live enable better cost and overtime management during busy go-live crunches.
  • Accelerate new system adoption and clinician readiness through interfaces that simply work.

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