HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


Manage HL7 specifications and understand data to be exchanged

Automate time-consuming HL7 spec creation and gap analysis. Create HL7 conformance statements that simplify interface requirements-gathering. Eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive manual work.  Take control of the system specifications, customizations and coding requirements. 

Caristix Conformance Feature Tour

Decrease Costs

Accurately schedule projects, meet your Go-Live dates, and decrease timely trouble-shooting in production.


Decrease Simulation and Validation Testing Time

Move interfaces into production quickly. Accurate gap analysis reduces interface errors that are responsible for lengthy simulation and validation testing.


Increase Clinical Customer Satisfaction

Meet your Go Live dates, easily incorporate feedback with the synchronization of Word docs during interface development and validation, decrease deployment timelines, and effectively troubleshoot problems quickly.

Maintain with Ease

Maintain your specification document in Conformance. Provide support teams with the most up-to-date profile information with any changes.