HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


Manage HL7 specifications and understand data to be exchanged

Automate time-consuming HL7 spec creation and gap analysis. Create HL7 conformance statements that simplify interface requirements-gathering. Eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive manual work.  Take control of the system specifications, customizations and coding requirements. 

Caristix Conformance Feature Tour

Profile = HL7® Interface Specification

Can’t get that specification from the vendor or a hospital? If you do, can you count on its completeness? When you create an HL7 profile with Conformance, you get that specification. The real one that fits your real-world system.

Get it in Word (and XML)

Once you have your specification, document your interface in Word or XML. Share that information with your development team or with clinicians validating your interface artifacts.

Synchronize with Customer Feedback

Easily synchronize customer and clinical feedback back into your profile through Conformance. The Word document you provided can be edited and that feedback can be synchronized back to further configure your interface.

What’s a Document Library?

It helps you keep Conformance profile documentation and gap analysis in one location. Use them with other Starter Edition applications. Access your Document Library seamlessly across all functionalities in Workgroup Edition.

No More Black Box Syndrome

Can’t see the critical details hurting your interface? That’s Black Box syndrome. Conformance addresses the symptoms by developing clear system specification, maintaining clear change management detail and knowledge transfer, recording accurate interface inventories and performing thorough gap analysis.

Capture Development History

Add new elements and attributes to your profiles as needed with the Extra Content capacity of Conformance. Add more than HL7 content to track bugs or create a table of historical changes, for example.