Why Caristix?

Cut Through the Complexity

In this new era of healthcare IT, HL7 Interfacing is an absolute necessity for HIT vendors and hospital/HIE organizations. You’re building the backbone of the healthcare industry with the goals of:

  • Enhancing operating efficiency
  • Improving health care quality
  • Providing consumers with the information and tools needed to make decisions

You’re required to integrate various disparate systems including:

  • Clinical and financial systems
  • Administrative systems
  • EHRs and many others

But effective interfacing is expensive, time-consuming, and problematic. Managing the entire interface lifecycle can be a nightmare leading to project delays, cost overruns and potentially project failures.

 Caristix software was designed to address your most painful and common needs.

Caristix software provides an alternative to manually addressing HL7 interfacing projects. We’ve listened to our customers. What we hear is that you need:

  • Simple workflow that addresses the entire interfacing lifecycle and promotes best practices
  • The ability to quickly develop and document interface specs
  • Gap analysis that clarifies the difference between source and destination systems in minutes (not days) and helps you handle protocol variance
  • Debugging tools that find problems fast when troubleshooting
  • PHI removal so you’re using realistic unidentified data when testing
  • Effective ways to automate your testing protocols
  • Easy ways to document and share updates with an entire team from a central depository
  • Improved customer and overall project satisfaction

All these points address the underlying issues of saving you time and money. Our proven technology is backed by tangible, documented results from our customers.

 ROI Results

An example of reported savings for the testing cycle of an HIE for a project with 35 interfaces:

Activity Manual Effort
per Interface
Using Caristix
per Interface
ROI – Savings for 35 interfaces
Create master file 4 hrs 2 hrs – 50% savings 70 hrs
Deidentification 8 hrs 2 hrs – 75% savings 210hrs
Parametrization 4 hrs 1 hrs – 75% savings 105 hrs
Message comparison 6 hrs 2 hrs – 60% savings 140 hrs
Test execution 10 hrs 3 hrs – 66% savings 245 hrs
Total 32 hours 10 hours 770 hrs

For this customer, total savings were anticipated as 61% with a savings of 9,995 hours, which equals $1.3 million in total savings.


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