Caristix for Vendors

Scope, Test, Deliver and Troubleshoot Healthcare Integration

The Issue

As a health and information technology professional, you develop applications that make healthcare better. But getting your software to play well with other systems in a healthcare setting can eat up massive resources you’d rather devote to your core business. Scoping, testing and validating interfaces are a challenge if you don’t have a ready source of good data. And even when you can get an application to interface smoothly with a system, the need for ongoing maintenance can be an insupportable drain on your resources through the good old way of trial and error.

You need a way to take control of the HL7® interface lifecycle, from scoping to maintenance. It needs to be simple to use, so your team can get up to speed fast. And you need support from HL7® experts who know what you’re up against.

Why Act Now?

The problem of interoperability isn’t going anywhere. Caristix software simplifies the management of the entire interfacing lifecycle. So you can let clients know that your product can interface smoothly with their existing systems – on a predictable timeline. And our support can free up your team to focus on their core business: developing great applications.

Why Caristix?

Caristix empowers you to take control of your data throughout the entire interface lifecycle. It lets you scope automatically, test more thoroughly, deliver interfaces that require dramatically less adjustment during go-live, and troubleshoot more quickly during maintenance. And it makes workflows traceable, letting you collaborate seamlessly across teams.

At Caristix, we have the HL7® expertise you need to get your applications running smoothly, and the flexibility to scale up with you, whether you need a little HL7® interfacing support or a full-blown turnkey interface engine.

What’s more, Caristix software is designed for non-programmers, so even HL7® beginners can get up to speed quickly.

The result: better collaboration, reduced process waste, faster project delivery, and reduced lifecycle cost.

Turnkey Interface Engine 

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