Caristix for Hospitals and Providers

Fast Project Delivery with Reduced Costs

The Issue

You don’t need to be told that hospitals are complex environments. If you’re on this website, it’s because you’re responsible for getting a dysfunctional family of multiple clinical, financial and administrative systems to communicate with each other. The health of a robust EMR along with all other application integration is dependent on your ability to perform this complex task.

Maybe you’ve been interfacing all of these systems manually, running into errors, project delays, cost overruns; maybe your process and workflows have been necessarily ad hoc and reactive. Maybe you’re interfacing at multiple sites, with multiple interface engine technologies. Maybe the cost of interfacing – both infrastructure and HR – is sending your budgets spiraling out of control.

What you need is a way to simplify. To get all of your systems and people organized, on the same page. To document, to make workflows logical and traceable. To take control of your data.

Why Act Now

If your hospital system is like most, you need to manage upwards of 150 HL7 interfaces across a multitude of applications. Every time one application changes, multiple interfaces are impacted. Finding ways to collaborate across sites and platforms isn’t easy. So if you haven’t found a way to simplify the management of your entire interfacing lifecycle, you’re likely facing a breaking point.

 Why Caristix

Caristix empowers you to take control of your data throughout the entire interface lifecycle. It lets you scope automatically, test more thoroughly, deliver interfaces that require dramatically less adjustment during go-live, and troubleshoot more quickly during maintenance. And it makes interface workflows traceable, letting you collaborate seamlessly across sites, teams, and departments.

Caristix solutions are interface engine vendor-agnostic, so you can keep working with your existing architecture.

What’s more, Caristix software is designed for non-programmers, so even HL7 beginners can get up to speed quickly.

The result: better collaboration, reduced process waste, faster project delivery, and reduced lifecycle cost.


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