Understand HL7 Data

HL7 Definition

Understand the HL7 message structures

The HL7 standards defines so many data elements. No way to know it all by heart. The standard defines so many different HL7 versions, message types (trigger events), segments and tables… Caristix provides a free reference dictionary to all of these elements.

Not sure what are the MSH fields in HL7 v2.5.1?
Look at the Caristix HL7 Definition.

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View, Edit, Search and Inspect HL7 messages

Caristix Pinpoint makes it easy to:

  • Read tons of HL7 messages from large files, databases or directly from your integration engine
  • Understand data exchanged for each patient
  • Troubleshoot issues by quickly extracting and inspecting message flows
  • Generate lists of code sets and reports on usage
  • Correlate HL7 content among millions of messages

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Report on HL7 Messages


HL7 Interoperability 101

Kick start your integration project now.

  • Untangle the HL7 hairy beast by spending some time with a Caristix interoperability expert
  • Learn the HL7 foundations, tricks and traps
  • Review and assess your healthcare IT integration strategy
  • Document the plan

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