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Meet your interoperability challenges with Caristix Professional Services

Caristix eases the costs and pain of interfacing. Experience truly reliable interoperability.
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Turnkey Interface Engine

Need to integrate and exchange data in hospital and healthcare settings? Don’t want to spend months building out your integration capabilities?

Caristix provides turnkey implementation so you can let us connect all the dots while you focus on your system.

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Data Integration Architecture

Looking to unsnarl the complexity of interoperability?Is your organization planning an important data integration project? Need guidance on the best processes to adopt and how to tackle the project execution? Need help with integration engine evaluation?

Count on Caristix to get you up and running with a workable interoperability architecture that meets your data integration needs.

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Interface Development

Our team gets you up and running quickly, reducing time-to-delivery by as much as 50% over typical timelines. Fast, reliable, and affordable. Conquer the challenges of interoperability.

We bring experienced HL7® expertise to the table to enable interoperability. Secure the accurate cost-effective exchange of data in healthcare settings with Carisitix.

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EMR Data Conversion

Moving to a new EMR and need to get your existing patient records into your new EMR database quickly? 

Get your EMR up and running  as fast as possible with Caristix. Quick, accurate conversion of structured or unstructured data

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Replacing EMR-2

Caristix Gets the Job Done

Whatever your project needs, the experienced Caristix team of experts gets the job done, saving you time, money, and worry. Caristix understands data flow and we deliver on our commitment to your projects.

We work with you to assess your specific project needs. We define your project’s scope, and  identify clear deliverables and predictable outcomes. You can count on  on the project timeline we give you.

All services include support by email and phone. Emergency support is always available. You’ll have the advantage of a dedicated support agent who knows your environment, requirements, and business needs.