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Meet your interoperability challenges with Caristix Professional Services

Caristix eases the costs and pain of interfacing. Experience truly reliable interoperability.
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Enable Interoperability

Need to deploy your system and exchange data in hospital and healthcare settings?

Don’t spend months building out your integration capabilities and unsnarling your web of interoperability needs. Let Caristix manage your interoperability and  integration challenges  You can focus on your system.

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It’s About Data, Not Plumbing

Caristix takes care of the plumbing so you can focus on the data your system leverages. Because we work pur own Caristix technology, we’re able to comprehensively and quickly handle the data and send it in your preferred system format.


You get to focus on what you do best to meet your business goals supported by your workflow with its underlying critical push and pull of clinical data and lab systems, scheduling applications, and other clinical or financial systems. Caristix provides knowledge and experience around integration. We make sure you have cost-effective data flow.


How we work

Get Connected

Our team gets you up and running quickly, reducing time-to-delivery often by as much as 50% over typical timelines. Caristix brings proven interoperability expertise (HL7®, C-CDA, etc.) to the table to enable interoperability and secure the accurate cost-effective exchange of data in healthcare settings.

Setup Your Interoperability Infrastructure

Depending on your needs, a hosted or on-premise integration engine can be setup. We optimize your current infrastructure so that it is easily scalable and facilitates data exchange with 3rd party systems.


We work with Mirth Connect, an open-source HL7® integration engine now implemented at over 100,000 organizations. Over 10% of the US healthcare market uses Mirth, and this number is growing. Would you rather use iNTERFACEWARE Iguana or another technology? We’ve got you covered. We work with most integration engines in the market.

Complete Interface Documentation

Caristix uses its own integration engine agnostic software and proven processes to build interfaces and generate complete documentation. We create architecture, message flow, gap analysis, interface specifications, transformation lists, validation test results, and test cases during the integration process. 

Monitor interfaces

Caristix proactively monitors the integration server and interfaces on a continuous basis. Detects events and problems as they happen.

Support by Email and Phone

We provide a dedicated support agent who knows your environment, requirements, and business needs. Emergency support is always available.