HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


Manage HL7 specifications and understand data to be exchanged

Automate time-consuming HL7 spec creation and gap analysis. Create HL7 conformance statements that simplify interface requirements-gathering. Eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive manual work.  Take control of the system specifications, customizations and coding requirements. 

Caristix Conformance Feature Tour

No More Frozen Interfaces

Avoid frozen interfaces. Keep your interface current, healthy and breathing with accurately shared data flowing through them through the effective scoping and efficient gap analysis found in Conformance.

Search the HL7® Standard

Search any of the HL7 standards included in Conformance software, which includes versions v2.1 through v2.7.

HL7® Message Validation

Once you have documented a live interface in Caristix Conformance, troubleshoot data flow by sending messages against a profile in order to flag conformance gaps.