HL7® Specification Tool.
Manage HL7® specs created from actual messages.


Manage HL7 specifications and understand data to be exchanged

Automate time-consuming HL7 spec creation and gap analysis. Create HL7 conformance statements that simplify interface requirements-gathering. Eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive manual work.  Take control of the system specifications, customizations and coding requirements. 

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What is an HL7® Profile?

An HL7 profile describes the data and messages in an interface. It sets requirements for data exchange. And it requires extreme clarity and precision.

What’s HL7® Reverse-Engineering?

Reverse engineering is the heart of HL7 scoping. It creates a profile from HL7 messages. Understand and document message structure and content, including deviations from the specification.

Message Types and Segments

Use actual HL7 messages to get the message format and structure from real live systems. Don’t rely on just the standard or vendor HL7 spec. Build an accurate profile.

Fields and Data Types

Create the field structure in your profile. Get custom data values and custom data types right from your own data. Your choice of Basic or Advanced Analysis, depending on the detail needed.

HL7® Tables

Build your HL7 tables and code sets from your own data. No more long, drawn-out analyses. Get the data and tables in a few minutes.