Scrub Protected Patient Health
Information (PHI) in HL7® Messages

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De-identification tool to scrub HL7 messages and protect patient data at the source. Remove PHI data while keeping the data history.

No need to work with production data. De-identify or scrub HL7 messages so you can work with production like messages without putting PHI at risk. Produce auditable reports after each de-identification of PHI. Generate clinically valid data for interface development, testing, and analytics — and remain compliant with your HIPAA PHI policies and procedures.
Caristix Cloak Feature Tour

Product Development Teams

Product development teams need a high volume of secure but realistic data to test with. Cloak gives you all that and more. Read how Cloak helped a product development team at a Global 1000 HIT vendor (PDF).

Hospitals and Providers

Healthcare IT professionals need to work with realistic data that covers customizations, new Z-segments, and non-standard data lengths. Avoid the pitfalls of production data with Cloak. Support HIPAA.

Your Interface Engine

Like all Caristix applications, Cloak is vendor-agnostic. That means you can increase productivity and security, no matter what interface engine you’re using.