Scrub Protected Patient Health
Information (PHI) in HL7 Messages


De-identification tool to scrub HL7 messages and protect patient data at the source.  Remove PHI data while keeping the data history.

No need to work with production data.  De-identify or scrub HL7 messages so you can work with production like messages without putting PHI at risk.  Produce auditable reports after each de-identification of PHI. Generate clinically valid data for interface development, testing, and analytics — and remain compliant with your HIPAA PHI policies and procedures.
Caristix Cloak Feature Tour

Read HL7 Messages

Load the HL7 log that needs de-identification. Cloak’s dual display makes it easy to see that sensitive information has been stripped from all messages

Set Rules

Cloak de-identifies all 18 HIPAA identifiers by default – or you can set your own rules for de-identification. Choose the fields and data types you want to change. Plus, you can save these settings for reuse later.

Preview New HL7 Messages

Once you’ve configured your settings, Cloak’s Preview function lets you check that you’re getting the data you were expecting – with no surprises.

Save Message, Create Audit Trail

After previewing, run the de-identification. Save the resulting messages for validation or analytics. And generate a De-Identification Report that lists your work down to the last field-related detail.