Create, Document, and Configure Test Scenarios

Create a New Scenario

  1. Under the Scenario Suite tab, right click the name of the Suite, then click Add new Scenario.
  2. New Scenario appears under the name of the Suite. Rename to reflect the clinical or operational scenario you’ll be testing.


Document a Scenario

On the Documentation tab, document the Name, the Description, Requirements (add any reference to specific product requirements) and additional Notes.


Configure a Scenario

On the Configuration tab, set timing and execution.



  • Timing: Specify the times before starting a scenario and the wait time between executions.
  • Execution: Specify the number of times to execute the scenario.
  • Execution probability: Specify the expected execution probability of a scenario. The feature enables your validation to skip the scenario from time to time. For instance, at 50% probability over 10 executions, the scenario will run 5 times when the suite is executed.
  • Instantiate variables: Specify if variables should be filled out at this level.