Executing Tests

How to Run Tests

  1. Right-click the name of the Scenario suite, the Scenario, the Action or the Task you wish to execute. Click Run.
  2. The test runs based on the configured parameters.
  3. A report is generated when a test is executed. (The Log Execution checkbox under Tools, Options must be checked. See the Setting Options section for details.)
  4. Caristix Test will automatically document the date the test was run and test status on the Documentation tab of whichever level of test was run: suite, scenario, action or task
  5. When the test execution is completed, you will be asked to save the report.


Run tests using the command line application

You can also run your Scenario Suite using the command line application (TestConsole.exe) located in the Test installation folder (%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Caristix\Caristix Test or %PROGRAMFILES%\Caristix\Caristix Test). Simply call the application by providing the Scenario Suite to run in argument:

TestConsole.exe “C:\MyScenarioSuite.cxs”

Use TestConsole.exe -h for more information.