Create, Document, and Configure suites

Create a New Suite

From the Main Menu, click File, New.


Document a Suite

On the Documentation tab, document the Name, the Description, Requirements (add any reference to specific product requirements) and additional Notes.


Configure a Suite


On the Configuration tab, set timing and execution parameters.


  • Timing: Specify the wait time range between test executions.
  • Execution: Specify the number of times to execute the scenario suite.
  • Instantiate variables:  Fill in the checkbox to populate variables with successive test values at the Suite level.

Suite Variables

Add a Variable
  1. Under the Variables tab, click the + sign to add a variable.

  2. Click ${New Variable) under the Name column and name the new variable


  1. Choose a variable type from the drop down menu in the Type column. Types include:
    • String
    • Char
    • Boolean
    • Int
    • Long
    • Double
    • Date time
  2. Choose the generator type from the drop down menu in the Generator Type column. Generator types include:
    • Static value: results in a static value.
    • Boolean: true or false value.
    • Date time:  date and time.
    • Decimal: decimal value.
    • Substring: use only a portion of another variable.
    • Numeric: numeric value.
    • SQL Query: gets query results and randomly selects one value from entire result set.
    • String: string value.
    • Table: pick a random row from the specified HL7 table.
    • Text file: pick a random value from a text file with one value per line.
    • Excel file: pick a random value from an Excel file.

Other Settings


Variable Type Settings

This setting allows you to attach a prefix or suffix value to a variable.

  • Prefix: Check the checkbox and choose the prefix desired. Prefixes can be static or based on variables.

  • Suffix: Check the checkbox and choose the suffix desired. Suffixes can be static or based on variables.

Generator Settings

  • Fill in a value as required.

Allow Nulls

  • Check the checkbox if you want to allow null values among your variables.