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Caristix Announces HL7® Product Beta for Hospital Users

HL7® interface management software vendor starts beta for free software enabling specification documentation and exchange.

Quebec City, Canada – July 14, 2011 – Caristix today announced the launch of a beta program for a free software application designed for hospital customers in North America.

The software enables healthcare IT analysts and developers to grasp how data flows through a system in a matter of minutes, while automatically documenting the associated interface specification. With the specification in hand, interface analysts are able to set up interfaces significantly faster than current coding methods.

With this software, analysts can instantly identify the customized structures and values contained in a series of HL7® messages, which transmit patient-related information in healthcare information systems. With current interfacing methodology, project leaders have limited control over timelines and technical risks associated with complex interfacing, since customized data structures and values are undocumented and therefore unknown. The new software application from Caristix supports documentation and automated interface management. Users can scope data in source systems accurately at the beginning of an integration project, reducing risk and facilitating communication with trading partners and vendors.

Hospital teams and their partners can share information about custom segments (Z-segments) and hospital-specific data values such as pharmacy order codes and location data. Currently, this information is not readily available in a shareable format and can take hours to compile.

“This functionality is the biggest value-add our software brings to HL7® interfacing. It’s at the core of our flagship offering. Once the beta period is over, we’ll be releasing the software as a free download. We are doing this because we think it makes sense for hospitals. Hospitals are at the heart of healthcare data management. The IT teams who make the data flow in hospitals are looking for new innovative solutions to transform interfacing practices, starting with the ability to fully document real-world data flows and then share the resulting specs. This free application will make it happen,” said Caristix president Stéphane Vigot.

Pricing and Availability

Hospital-based interfacing specialists can apply to participate in the beta program by visiting the Sign Up page. The program is limited to healthcare integration analysts, specialists, and developers who work for hospital organizations in the US and Canada. More information is available at the Sign-Up page.

General availability of the software is expected during the 3rd quarter of 2011. The software will be available free of charge to all healthcare industry users at that time.

Caristix HL7® Software Suite

The new application is an addition to the Caristix HL7® software suite. The Caristix HL7® software suite enables interface analysts and engineers to automate interface specification development, testing, and maintenance, resulting in reduced implementation time and costs. More information is available at

About Caristix

The average US hospital runs up to 100 IT systems. Not a single one of these systems can share patient information out of the box. But effective patient care demands that IT systems exchange information. So hospitals and vendors turn to data interfaces – 50 to 100 of them in an average hospital. However, it can take months of painstaking manual work to set up an interface. Caristix has developed a software suite to automate this manual work. Our software reads data in an information system and outputs a list of requirements for setting up the interface. As a result, Caristix software can reduce months of work to a few days. Overall, our software can reduce interface deployment time by 50%, reduce hospital testing time by 75%, and cut interface maintenance time by 90%. To learn more, please visit

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